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Wednesday, 10 February 2010 12:00

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Subject: grandfather incest story

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My mother was a nurse, and worked early shifts.  I had just seen
her off to work, and there was no one in the house except me and my
grandfather.  Granpa was sleeping soundly in the next room, and I lay
there, thinking a
bout what I had seen the previous night right after Granpa finished
taking a shower.
I had no idea that he was in the shower.  The water was off when
I had opened the door, and I just walked right on in --- and bumped
into a naked man.  I looked right at his cock, and was surprised at how
much it turned
me on to just look at it. 
"Sorry, Granpa," I said, and turned and left.
Granpa had moved in with us just a few months ago.  There was no
one but Mom, Granpa and me living in the house.  It was good to have a
man around the house again.  And how, I thought.
After seeing Granpa naked, and getting such a good look at his
big dick, I went to my room and lifted my night robe and lay on the
bed.  I ran my fingers down to my pussy, and I found the spot that I
liked so well.  It m
ade me tingle all over, fingering myself that way.  I came, my whole
body jerking and tingling with the excitement of having seen Granpa
naked.  Still, the visions of his cock invaded my dreams.  I wanted to
touch it, to
feel it in my hands.  I wanted to take his dick in my mouth and suck on
it.  I wanted to put my tongue on that fleshy sac beneath his cock, the
two  heavy, hanging balls covered with hair.  Oh, how I wanted to touch
!  I really wanted to feel his balls, to run my tongue over them, and
feel his hairs running across my tongue. 
I lay there, fingering myself again, wondering what Granpa's
balls would feel like in my hands.  I wondered what they would taste
like, if I let my tongue move all over them. 
I lay there, fingering myself, thinking about my grandfather's
dick.  I wanted so much to see it up close, to hold it in my hands.  I
sat up in bed, swinging my legs over the side, and then got up and
walked across the r
oom.  Opening the door, I found that the hallway was dark and quiet.  I
moved down the hallway, the movement of the air caressing my naked body
under my nightie causing me to shiver in delight.
I gently opened the door to Granpa's room.  With the light coming
in through the window from the outside street lights, I could make out
his from in the bed.  It was warm, and his window was open.  I moved
closer, and co
uld see that there was only a sheet over him.
I stood there and looked at the form beneath the sheet.  He lay
on his back, his eyes closed.  His breathing was soft and steady.  He
lay outside the sheet, and the sheet itself was pulled nearly down to
his waist.  I co
uld the hairs on his chest, the firm, hard muscles in his belly.  Just
beneath his navel, the sheet covered the object of my desire.  Just a
little further, I thought, and I could stand there and play with
myself, looking
at his cock.
Deftly, I reached out and touched the outline of his hard cock
beneath the sheet.  I could feel its hardness, and his reaction in his
sleep amazed me.  He reached down and put his hand over his cock,
grasping the area ar
ound his big balls.  Then, he turned over.
The sheet rode up on his ass, and I could see his hairy ass as he
lay there.  I could see, though not very clearly, a piece of his balls
between his legs as he spread them, laying half on his stomach.  I was
, but thrilled at my discovery.  I reached out and with one finger,
touched the area just beneath his asshole, where there was a little
line of skin above his balls.  He flipped over again, mumbling in his
This time, the sheet didn't cover him.  With the light filtering
in through the window, I could see his cock plainly.  It didn't look at
all like what I had seen earlier.  It was hard and throbbing, and long
and straight
  The very tip was darker than the rest of it.  I wanted to see it in
the light.  I stood there and thought for a moment, but just for a
moment.  Then, I reached out and touched the tip of it.
It was smooth, and throbbed beneath my fingers.  The feel of it
thrilled me beyond my wildest expectations.  I was enamored, excited by
the feel of such a thing.  I moved my whole hand to the bottom of it,
and with my ot
her hand, I pulled the sheet away from his crotch altogether.
I grabbed it at the bottom, wrapping my fingers around it,
feeling the smooth, velvety skin at the base of it.  It was so hard,
like a bone, yet the skin was so soft.  I could feel the throbbing, the
pulsing of the thing
with his heartbeat.  It was alive, lovely, tantalizing.  I wanted it.
I wanted to hold it, kiss it, fondle it, stroke it.  I bent down and
touched the tip of it with my tongue.
Granpa moaned in his sleep, and moved again.  I drew away as
quickly as I could.  This time, he grabbed the sheet and pulled it over
him, all the way to his chest.  Before he had a chance to settle into
this new position
, I pulled the sheet off him.
He seemed to accept the idea, and lay there, completely asleep,
and completely naked.  For the first time, I could see everything, even
though it was in semi-darkness.  I wanted to see it all, up close, in
the light.
I let go of the magnificent organ I held, and walked over to the
light switch.  Although it was early morning and the light filtering in
through the window was becoming brighter, I wanted to see it all.
Granpa's eyes flickered, and he moved over a little.  But, he
didn't pull the sheet over him.  I walked back over by the bed and
looked closely at his hard, fascinating cock.
Seeing it in the bright light was different than it had been
under the plae light that flickered in from the window.   I stood
there, amazed at what I was looking at.   From the first inch at the
base of it, his cock was
buried in a thicket of dark brown hair.  Behind it, there was another
large patch of hair.  It seemed to cover a large part of his wrinkled
balls.  There were places where I couldn't even see the skin at all,
because of
so much hair.
His cock lay in the hair and throbbed.  It moved with his
heartbeat, I guessed.  It was long and fat, the skin a slightly darker
color than the skin of his belly behind it.  The top was a bright
purple color, and had a m
arking down the middle of it, dividing the throbbing head in half. 
Right at the base of the head, it flared out and seemed to flutter with
every throb.  It looked alive, begging for attention, for some gentle
hands to c
aress and love it.
That is exactly what I did. 
I touched the tip of his cock, and found that it was warm and
soft.  I ran my finger across the purple head, and it seemed to move of
its own accord.  Granpa groaned in his sleep and shifted his position,
spreading his l
egs even wider. 
"My God," I whispered to myself.  I was astonished by the view of
his balls hanging between his legs spread so wide.  His balls were
enormous, and looked like a nursery for growing hair.
I moved my finger down the shaft of his throbbing dick, all the
way across his balls.  I pressed one of the heavy, hanging orbs gently.

"Louise!"  I looked at Granpa's open eyes.  "What are you doing?"
I pulled my hand away and stepped away from the bed.
"I'm sorry, Granpa, I didn't mean to wake you up."  My voice was
shaking, and I could feel tears well in my eyes.  I was frightened.
"It's OK, Louise," he said.  "It's time I got up, anyway.  But,
why were you touching me?"
He didn't make any attempts to hide himself.  I stared at his
still-hard cock and licked my lips.  I wanted to look at it even more.
"I like the way it looks, Granpa," I said.
"Did you like touching it?"
I nodded.  "It's really cute."
He smiled.  "I never thought of it as ‘cute', exactly, but I
guess if you say it's cute, then, it's probably cute to you."
"Can I touch it some more?" I asked, stepping close to the bed
once again.  I could feel my moist pussy lips tingle as I got close to
his cock again.
Granpa looked at me, then shrugged.  "Sure."
He lay back and spread his legs, giving me free access to his
cock and balls.  This time, I sat on the edge of the bed and simply
reached out and got a fistful of his dick right at the base.  It was
warm and hairy, and I
could feel it throb in my hands.  I loved it.  With the other hand, I
reached down and gently cupped his big balls in the palm of my hand.
They were heavy and fat, and I loved the warm, manly feel of them in my
As I cupped his balls, I stroked his shaft with the other hand.
I knew that if it felt anything like it did when I fingered myself,
Granpa was really enjoying it.  I knew that I was.
"Oh, Louise, that feels so good," he moaned.
Braver now, I stroked him a little faster, feeling the hard,
fleshy shaft expand and contract in my hand.  I moved my other hand
away from his balls, and lifting my nighty, I found my clitoris and
touched it gently.  I l
ooked up at Granpa's face.  He was looking right at me, at my playing
with myself.
"I can do that for you, Louise, if you'd like."
I smiled.  I was wanting him to, but I didn't know how to ask
him.  I pulled my nighty off completely, letting him see my naked body.
He stared at my tits, and I could see his eyes light up with interest.
I felt his di
ck throb in hand as he looked at my tits, and I knew that he liked what
he saw.
I lay and spread my legs, leaning over his cock.  I jerked in
pleasure as I felt his finger gently touch my pussy lips.  I pulled on
his cock harder and a wave of ecstasy swept over me.  My face was
really close to the h
ead of his cock, and I pressed the head of his dick against my cheek.
"Oh, Louise, that feels really good," Granpa said.
I kissed it.  I could feel the heat, I could smell a definite,
manly smell around his cock.  I loved it.  I opened my mouth and stuck
out my tongue and licked it.  Now, I could taste it, and it tasted good
to me.  I love
d licking it, holding it, kissing it. 
"Oh, Louise, keep that up!  Jeez, girl, I don't know where you
learned that, but keep doing it!  I love that, Louise."
I could hear my Granpa moaning words of encouragement, and I
figured he must be loving this as much as I was.  I began mouthing his
cock in earnest, running my tongue up and down the shaft as I stroked
it.  Then, I moved
my tongue all the way down to his enormous patch of pubic hair, and
swished my tongue back and forth over it, and then to his balls.
His balls felt different beneath my tongue, and he moaned even
louder as I licked them.  He suddenly made a really neat contact with
his finger in my pussy, and my body jerked with a spasm as I came.  He
moved his finger
s in and out of me quickly then, and I came again and then again.  I
held onto his cock as my body moved and jerked, and then my muscles
This was replaced by a new sensation.  I could feel Granpa's
tongue on my inner thigh, and sent waves of ecstasy through me again.
I moaned, and took the head of his cock and kissed it.  There was a
drop of slimy stuff
right on the tip, in his pee-hole.  I ran my tongue across it, licking
it up and sucking it into my mouth. 
I opened my mouth wide and took the head of Granpa's cock into my
mouth, sucking on it like a sucker, making slurping noises.
"Oh God, Louise," he said, and I could feel his breath on my
pussy as he talked.  Then, his tongue was running up and down my pussy
lips, and he pulled my lips apart with his fingers.  I could feel his
tongue tentatively
, gently touch my clitoris, which sent sparks of fire through me.  I
moaned and closed my eyes, sucking on his cock voraciously.
I went down on his cock as far as I could, swallowing, tasting
the strange, exciting taste of his pre-ejaculate.  The skin was smooth,
yet his cock was so hard.  I got it all the way into my mouth, till it
was filling my
mouth all the way to the back, and still, there was some left.  I
swallowed, moving my mouth up and down as I stroked him and played with
his balls.
He began to move spasmodically under me, and I knew that he was
going to cum soon.  I moved my mouth faster and faster, and then I
heard him moan.  I could feel his body jerk and his stomach muscles
tighten.  He pulled h
is mouth away from my pussy and moaned really loud.  He lifted his legs
off the bed, and I could feel his cock jerk.
Then, my mouth was filled with hot, salty cum as his cock jerked.
It jerked again and again, filling my mouth with lots of gooey, salty
man stuff.  I loved it, feeling it throb in my mouth, feeling it
deposit so much of
the stuff in my mouth.  I tried to swallow, but found that lots of it
just flowed out of my mouth, down my chin, and onto his throbbing cock.
I kept swallowing as his cock kept jerking, and I could feel his
balls tighten each time he shot a load of cum into my mouth.  Then, he
lowered his legs, and I could feel his breathing beneath relax a
little.  I knew tha
t he was finished, that he had shot all he had into my waiting mouth.
I lay there, satisfied from my earlier orgasm, wanting more,
though.  I wanted his cock deep inside my pussy.  I wanted my
grandfather to fuck me.  I didn't know how to ask.  After all, he let
us do this much.  I figured
that it wouldn't hurt to ask.
"Will you fuck me, Granpa?" I asked, looking at his smiling,
relaxed face.
His cock was still hard, and he didn't say a word as he sat up in
the bed and pulled my face off his hard cock.
He gently moved me down onto the bed, in the place where he had
been laying.
He reached down and spread my legs, then gently lowered himself
onto me.  I was surprised that all of a sudden, he bent and sucked on
my nipples.  I was thrilled at the feeling of his mouth on my tits.  I
writhed with pl
easure and moaned softly. 
I could feel his fat cock pressing against my pussy as he moved
his cock inward, then pulled it out again.  Then, I could feel it once
again pressing against me, and then he slid it in just a little way,
sending waves of
pleasure through my whole body.  Further and further in, his cock
jerked and moved as he pushed it.
Then, he moved it all the way into me, and I could feel his balls
against my ass as I lifted my legs higher and spread my legs wider.  I
was thrilled by the feeling of his enormous, manly dick inside me.  I
was being fuc
ked --- Granpa was actually fucking me, and that thought turned me on
even more.
He stroked slowly, moving his cock all the way in, pressing his
balls against my ass once again, then pulling it out slowly, nearly all
the way out.  Then, he pushed it back in again, faster.  He kept doing
this, going f
aster and faster all the time.  Soon, we were bouncing on the bed,
squeaking and making all kinds of noises with moans and groans.
"I'm going to cum, Louise," he said, and sped up.
Faster and faster, louder and louder, we fucked, making all kinds
of noises.  Then, I could feel his cock jerk and his muscles tighten,
and I came with jerking and moaning, just as he deposited hot cum into
my pussy.  I
could feel it fill me, with every jerk of his hard cock inside me.  It
was hot and moist, and I loved the feel of the big dick jerking inside
me.  I didn't want it to stop.
He stayed inside for a little while, then slowly pulled his cock
out of my hot pussy.  I could feel the cum running out of it, down the
crack of my ass, and onto the sheet.
We lay there quietly, fondling one another's bodies.
"Ganpa, can we do this some more?" I asked.
"I think so, Louise," my grandfather said.
"I really like your cock, Granpa," I said.
"You do?"
"Yes, Granpa, it really is cute, you know," I said with a teasing
"Well, if you say it's cute, then, like I said, it must be cute."
There was silence for a while, and then he said, "Your tits are
very cute, too, Louise, and so is your cunt."
To prove his point, he bent down and kissed first one nipple,
then the other, and slowly moved his lips and tongue down my chest,
down my belly, and to my pubic hair.
Then, we started all over again.

--- Louise B., Detroit, MI

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