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Friday, 12 February 2010 04:32

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Subject: Doctor Sibling

"Doctor Sibling"  (M/f, pre-teen, inc, con, true)

     I look back, with dissonance, at those times when my sister and I engaged
in what is called incest.  It is a taboo, immoral and dangerous, but we were
children, innocent and impulsive.  The memories are very stimulating to me,
even with minimal embellishments.

     Patty is a couple of years younger than I, and our first sexual contact
occurred when we were both pre-pubescent. It was raining outside, so we were
restricted to the house. Dad was out in the garage, and mom was in bed with a
migraine headache.  Patty and I were playing in her room when the idea to play
"doctor" was brought up. That line of play sounded interesting, and I was
quick to volunteer to be the doctor. I started the physical examination by
looking at her eyes, asking her to look at various points around her bedroom,
and quizing her on what she saw. She said "AWWW" as I looked in her mouth.  I
then checked her ears and her hearing.  I placed my ear on her back as to
listen to her breathing, and after complaining that I couldn't hear anything,
asked my "patient" to remove her shirt.  She agreed to lift her shirt up, but
wanted to leave it on.  I placed my ear on her back, listened to a few
respirations, and asked her to cough. I told her I was going to check her
temperature by putting my hand on her stomach, and lifted the front of her
shirt high enough to catch a glimpse of a nipple, but she quickly pulled her
shirt back down. I bartered for it to be raised to a spot just beneath her
boobs, then placed my hands on her stomach and commented that her temperature
seemed normal.  I verbalized my entry into her imaginary chart, then told her
I needed to listen to the heart beat.  I slowly reached for her shirt.  Not
meeting any resistance, I raised it well above her small breasts and rested my
head on her chest.  I was trying to listen to her heart, but was distracted by
the large nipples only inches away from my mouth. I counted her pulse, a few
times, and said to her that everything seeming normal...*so far*.

    I continued the role-playing and told my sister I had to perform a breast
examination. and insisted she remove her shirt. She looked at me with
suspicion, but I authoritatively told her it was necessary...um...as part of
the exam.  She sighed, crossed her arms over her stomach, grasped the bottom
of her shirt, and slowly raising her arms, she lifted the shirt over her head.
I stared, with amazement, at her bare upper body and those new mounds. I
reached out with a trembling hand and touched a small, developing breast. The
site and touch made my heart sink to my stomach and gave me a erection which
pulsated through my shorts.  I slowly and gently rubbed a breast, and then
both, and played with the nipples between my fingers.  I informed her that I
needed to lick them (being the responsible doctor that I was) and I leaned in
toward a nipple. She pulled back initially, but quickly relaxed. She seemed to
enjoy this, because the nipples got pointier.  I continued by saying I needed
to see if there was any milk.  I started sucking, softly and slowly at first,
but soon becoming more forceful with my futile attempts to find milk. Little
hickeys where created around her nipples.  Rounding second, heading to third.

     I wanted to savor the moment, but at the same time, was anxious to
further the exam.  I told her that she should have a COMPLETE physical, and
told her to remove her shorts.  She presented with a token resistance, but
obviously horny, she obliged after only a minimal amount of my medical
rationalizing.  She pulled down her shorts, leaving her panties in place. We
spent most of our days in the sun and had dark tans, so when she coyly turned
her back to me and finally pushed down her panties, her tiny white butt was
almost blinding. A virgin, even to the sun.  She jumped on to her bed and
layed on her stomach.

     I climbed on to her bed and pulled the shorts and panties off from around
her thighs. I looked at, touched, even smelled her butt...all in the name of a
physical examination. Eagerly, I tried to roll her over onto her back, but she
resisted.  I tried again, and this time she gave-in by rolling over and
covered her genitalia with her hands. I asked for her cooperation, since I was
only making sure she was healthy, and she put her hands to her side, exposing
a budding clitoris within her bald folds of skin.  I told her to spread her
legs, slowly she obeyed, and I knelt between her knees.  I had no idea what a
doctor looked for when examining a female's anatomy, but I thought I'd start
with a close look. I leaned forward and lowered my face towards her lap.  She
asked me what I was going to do, and I told her I just wanted to look.  She
allowed me to continue. I could smell what seemed a mixture of sweat with a
touch of pee. With trembling hands, I inspected her fleshy organ.  It was pink
and slippery and complicated. The all-knowing doctor asked her from where she
pees. She lifted her knees, pulled back on her labia, and showed me her
anatomy.  I wanted to get closer, and asked if I could touch her clit with my
tongue...she agreed.  I initially only touched it, then slowly increased the
pressure and began licking her.  I asked her if I could lick her "sex hole".
She raised her knees higher and spread her legs father apart.  I lowered my
face deep into the corner formed by her inner thighs.  She was wet, and it was
salty, and there was that pee smell again, and I thought that maybe my mouth
shouldn't be down there after all, so I lifted my head and returned my
attention to her clitoris.  I continued with this and asked if I could put my
finger into her, but that seemed to cross some arbitrary line that said things
were going too far. She refused all the doctor's excuses.  I returned to
licking her clitoris and was eventually able to touch the area around her
vagina.  Not really knowing what to do next, I wrapped-up my examination by
commenting that she was in PERFECT health, and insisted it was her turn.

     "Dr. Sister" went through a similar oral, vision, hearing, and reflex
exam that had been performed on her, and instead of the breast exam, she
wanted to check my "bone".  She didn't need to ask twice for me to remove my
shorts. She performed a close, visual inspection and wanted to measured my
erection. She placed a ruler next to my shaft and when she touched me, I
jumped.  It was incredibly stimulating, like nothing I ever experienced when
touching myself.  She continued by taking a close look at my bald scrotum.  I
could feel her breath on me, and the sac contracted a little.  She was humored
by this, and gently touched my scrotum and played with my testicles.  I told
her she should also lick me as part of the medical exam, and she lightly
touched my pouch with her toungue.  I directed her mouth to the head, but
there was a drop of fluid on the tip, and she didn't want to get it in her
mouth (she thought it was pee). She compromised, and put her mouth to the side
of the shaft and darted across my boner with the tip of her tongue.  God, how
I really wanted to have her put me DEEP into her mouth, though I probably
would have cum immediately.

     We were both horny, and the doctor role had played out to as far as it
could go.  We asked each other how we masturbated.  She showed me how she
rubbed her clitoris and occasionally inserted her finger into her vagina. She
confessed to sometimes inserting a finger into her "butt-hole", and showed me
that, also.  I showed her how I stroked myself while playing with my balls. I
also admitted to fingering my rectum, and I obliged to her requests to do so.
Soon, we repositioned ourselves, face to face, side by side, and began
masterbating each other. I clumsily rubbed her bundle of nerves, and she
jerked my boner with her little fist.  She said that she was "close", and
within seconds we were cumming together on her bed, counting our orgasmic
contractions while they were occurring. She played with the small amount of
jism for a little while and then we hurried to redress. We promised not to
tell mom or dad, and then went off to play.

     I look back at the sexual episodes with my sister with feelings of love,
and innocence, at a time to where I wish I could return.  And yeah, I also get
a "woody".  A few years ago (after a few drinks), I brought up the topic of
our childhood sexual curiousity to her, and how it stimulated me as an adult,
but she looked away and quickly talked about something else. Initially, I
thought it meant that she was embarrassed or otherwise upset about our sexual
past.  Perhaps I was too blunt, but upon discovering the sexual freedom of
cyberspace, I am now considering the possibility that she also looks back at
our sexual past with warm regards, though may be too embarrassed by the incest
"label".  And yeah, I'll also admit to fantasizing about doing it together...
again...as adults.  I am such a dog.

     If you would like to share stories, feel free to send them to me.  If
there are any ladies who would like to exhange some E(rotic)-mail, I am always
"up" for that!

     Love, laughs, and licks,

Scott Sebastian Stevens

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